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10 best Eco-friendly products for your loved ones

10 best Eco-friendly products for your loved ones

Your business would benefit from prudent gift giving in several advantageous ways. Promotional gifts have always been a very good gifting option to accelerate your advertising to a large extent.

Gifting your employees is also considered as a good practice as it is a nice way of telling them that you value all the hard work they put in year-round for the benefit of the company. Below are some practical as well as useful gifting options for your clients and employees.


Bamboo Tumbler

  1. Bamboo Tumbler 
  • 300 ml capacity
  • Available in red, blue, grey and green colors

These unique bamboo tumblers are made out of organic bamboo fiber and hence is an eco-friendly gifting option. It comes with a tight silicone lid and grip so that the liquid stored inside does not spill out.


12oz Cotton Tote Bag

  1. Cotton Tote Bag
  • Made from 12 oz. cotton
  • Available in natural white color

This cotton tote bag makes for an excellent gift as it can be used for multiple purposes. It is made from natural cotton fibers making it an eco-friendly gift option.


350ml Collapsible Tumbler

  1. Collapsible Tumbler
  • Available in pink, purple, blue, grey, light blue and green color.
  • Made out of BPA free silicone

These collapsible tumblers are an amazing find as you can carry your favorite beverage anywhere without having to worry about the liquid spilling out. It is a very handy product and can be offered as a great gift to your colleagues.


4pcs Stainless Steel Straw Set

  1. Stainless Steel Straw Set
  • Available in silver color
  • 150 pieces per set

Live a plastic-free life by opting for these stainless steel straw set. Unlike plastic straws, these stainless steel straws can be easily cleaned and reused. They needn’t be disposed of after one use as the plastic straws.


Simple Lunch Box

  1. Lunch Box
  • Available in blue and green color
  • 800 ml capacity
  • There are 40 pieces in one set

Lunch boxes are a great gifting option as it can be used to carry and store the food while heading to the office. These lunch boxes are microwaveable as well as dishwasher safe making them the most convenient gifting option.


Wheat Straw Cutlery Set

  1. Wheat Straw Cutlery Set
  • Available in beige color

These cutlery set made out of wheat straw is the perfect gift in the corporate world. It proves to be very handy and useful while eating outside.


A5 Eco Friendly Notepad With Pen

  1. Notepad
  • Available in black, blue and green colors
  • One set consists of 80 notepads

This environmental friendly notepad comes coupled with a pen. It serves as the most ideal piece of utility to jot down all the important points during any kind of meetings in the corporate world.


Cotton Drawstring Bag – 8oz

  1. Cotton Drawstring Bag

This is one of the most ideal gift pieces which you can offer your clients and customers. You can get the logo of your company embossed on this bag and boost the promotional front of your company.


Cutlery Set

  1. Cutlery Set
  • Available in black, blue and red colors.
  • There are 250 pieces of cutlery per set.

These chopsticks, spoon, and fork made out of stainless steel come in a small zipper pouch. This set would fit compactly in any kind of bags and can be carried out anywhere.


Collapsible Straw

  1. Collapsible Straw
  • Available in black and grey colors
  • 160 pieces in one set.

Replacing plastic straws with these stainless steel collapsible straw is always a good option to keep the environment thriving. These straws can be used instead of plastic straws to reduce waste.

These positive morale boosters would go a long way in improving the working efficiency of your employees. The gesture of gifting even has the tendency to improve your professional relationship with your client and customers.