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Eco Friendly Gift Guide For 2020

Eco Friendly Gift Guide For 2020

Plastic is all around us. It has occupied a great space in everyone’s daily life. Even after known its harmful effects people are continuously using it. Later or sooner, we have to take a step to skip the usages of these plastic items.

We are to make you aware of some of the best Eco-friendly products that we can buy or gift to our loved ones.

Cotton Tote Bags

Our vast collection of cotton Tote bags are compelled to turn out your elegant shopping accessory. We bet that our recyclable bags will be your most preferred choice.

  • Every plastic bag you utilize puts a massive load on our nature.
  • At the same time, these cotton tote bags are the most eco-friendly choice you can make.


12oz Cotton Tote Bag

Collapsible Tumbler

Make it sure that your camping accessories are as compact and light as possible with a wide range of Patma’s collapsible tumbers. These tumblers are highly durable and possess a fantastic collapsible shape, design, and configuration that help you saving a lot of space in your pack.


350ml Collapsible Tumbler

Stainless Steel Straw Set

Angled just so, these smooth recyclable straw are made of stainless steel that retains the crispness on for savoring daily sipping drinks and cocktails. These are reusable and won’t corrode, rust, break, or stain.

  • Patma’s straws are simple to wash and clean
  • Thus save you both efforts and money
  • For an ideal drinking angle, these straws are slightly bent at the top


4pcs Stainless Steel Straw Set

Simple Lunch Box

With general everyday usage, you will savor your lunch boxes for an extended period. Boxed with hard plastic is prone to cracks, so be wise while choosing this. Make it sure that the quality of plastic that is being used in it is hygienic, durable, and cost-effective.


Simple Lunch Box


Wheat Straw Cutlery Set

Emphasized here is a cutlery set is made up of Wheat Straw – safe & hygienic to use and is prepared of environment-friendly materials. It comprises a spoon, a fork, and a set of chopsticks packaged in a quadrangular box. Our Wheat Straw Cutlery Set is a perfect fit for dining out and also is an excellent gift for your beloved one.


Wheat Straw Cutlery Set

Eco Friendly Notepad with Pen

What makes our environment-friendly notepads a better choice over standard notebooks? This is because they are made of recycled materials. These notepads are available in a broad range with different sizes and shapes; you can pick the perfect fit to your actual needs and budget.


A5 Eco Friendly Notepad With Pen

Cotton Drawstring Bag

The cotton drawstring bags can be utilized to satisfy a broad range of clients as well as business specific needs. These bags play a significant role, no matter, these begs are using it be to store clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories, skin care products, and cosmetics or to pack and ship your items.


Cotton Drawstring Bag – 8oz

Cutlery Set

The kitchen setup is incomplete in the absence of a top grade and high-quality cutting board. No matter it is made of natural, eco-friendly bamboo, or non-stick material, or slate, you will savor that smooth experience provided by blending a perfect Cutlery Set with a dividend cutting board.


Cutlery Set